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Free Game From "The Black Silk Path"

I'd like to share my game "Time Loop" from chapter 13 of "The Black Silk Path."  It has been popular with my students. I think they enjoy it when I get stuck going around and around and around my loop, and they happen to be speeding through the loops. I use the idea of a time loop to review the material. When we review, it is like stepping back in time for a little bit. I won't reveal how the time loop affects the characters, Ed and Mel though. "The Black Silk Path" includes 15 themed games with the 14 chapters of Narrator text and decodable Student text. I know it is unusual to have games in a beginning chapter book, but I have a different agenda than conforming to typical book genre standards. I missed out on the importance (and fun) of games with my sons, so I want to encourage others to use games to help their beginning readers. Also as a veteran homeschool mom, I know the budget is important. The games provide that extra value I look for

The Paperback Is Now Available!

All went well with the final approval process for "The Black Silk Path" paperback! It is now available for sale on Just search "The Black Silk Path Heather Doolittle" to see both formats of the book on

"The Black Silk Path" Kindle edition is now available for Pre-order!

I am honored to share that "The Black Silk Path" for Kindle is on Amazon for pre-order with a release date of January 31st! The paperback will be available very soon as well. See the " The Black Silk Path " page for more information. I am preparing various ways to "look inside" the book.  Please subscribe or check back to find out when a Zoom meeting or Facebook Live session is planned. I am also finalizing a small giveaway to help promote the book. Thank you!  I am so excited to be able to serve Barton Reading & Spelling System students and other beginning readers through print.