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I wanted to collect all the blog posts with free content in one place, so I did that here. Click the links to take you to the original blog posts with download links.


Reading passages:

Ed's Story - for the end of Barton Level 3

Mel's Story - for the end of Barton Level 3

Ed and Mel's Favorite Sports and Places - for the end of Barton Level 3 

Ed and Mel's Favorite Colors and Foods - for the end of Barton Level 3 

Ed's Riddles and Mel's Poems - for the end of Barton Level 3




Barton Level 5 - Consonant Suffix Practice - Play the game with "Don't Be Greedy" rules.

1.   Player One turns a card over, reads the card, and then decides if they want to draw another card. They can keep drawing cards until:

a.   They choose to stop and gain a point for each card they read or

b.   They draw a card with a picture of coffee. All the points gained on the turn must be given to the other player.

2.   It is now Player Two’s turn.

3.   Play until all the cards have been played from the draw pile. The player who has the most points, wins the game.






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