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Almost Ready! Totally RAD Phonics Level C

Totally RAD Phonics Level C: Ed and Mel's Exploration of Fluency and Sy ntax – A Companion to The Black Silk Path is almost ready. I'm working now (April 2023) to finish up the metadata and final edits needed before publication. I thought I'd take a break and post a sneak peek. Totally RAD Phonics Level C is a part of The Black Silk Path story. It is a fictional old 1980s textbook. In fact, it is THE textbook that Ed and Mel carried with them on their journey to find their parents. It is one of the tools they used to fight the communication stealing spell. As a tool, it will help students practice their new skills to promote fluency and awareness of sentence structures. Ed and Mel's notes, which use a blue Ed's Handwriting font and a red Mel's Handwriting font, show them interacting with the text in Totally RAD Phonics Level C , communicating with each other, and making lists or plans as they journey to The Black Silk Path. Students can follow these notes and