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A Problem with Decodable Books and a Solution from Lexile

      One of the problems with decodable books is that what is decodable for one student or classroom isn't yet decodable for another student or classroom. You must match a decodable book to the scope and sequence of instruction. Struggling readers especially need to be matched with a decodable book according to the skills they have and what they need to practice. This isn't easy. There have been barriers to finding the right decodable books for students at the various stages of reading instruction.  The easiest thing to do is to use only books and passages that are provided with reading curriculum, but the choices are often limited. You can get your hands on the actual book and look through each page while thinking through what skills are covered and when the book will fit your scope and sequence. That requires the funds to purchase books, often in sets, that you may never use and lots of time to carefully analyze books.  You can also obtain scope and sequences from publishers

FREE! KidsRead2Kids Magazine Vol. II

Decodable Adventures has an advertisement in the new edition of KidsRead2Kids Magazine . If you aren't familiar with KidsRead2Kids, this short description from their website describes their purpose: "KidsRead2Kids was founded by Dyslexic and ADHD siblings to bring the joy and confidence back to the struggling reader."   I recommend you check them out. A great way to start is to use this code to access KidsRead2Kids Magazine Volume II for FREE ! (Thank you KidsRead2Kids.) BW532Q3Q