The Black Silk Path

What do you do when your parents have been kidnapped, possibly taken to another realm, and your ability to communicate has been stolen by a magical spell? Ed and Mel must figure this out.  They are used to exploring the world with their adventurous parents, but now they are on their own. And the spell?  Learning to read again is the only thing that has allowed them to start speaking again.  Join them on their journey to fight the spell and find their parents before it is too late.

The Black Silk Path of the Ed and Mel Decodable Adventures series provides a shared reading experience for students.  Each chapter contains a parent or tutor read passage, a decodable student passage, and a game to play.  New reading concepts are added as Ed and Mel add to their reading and communication skills.  The progression of new skills in The Black Silk Path follows the scope and sequence of the Barton Reading & Spelling System Level 3.  

The Black Silk Path provides:
  • 14 shared reading chapters
  • 15 reading games
  • Notes on which concepts are added to each chapter
  • Notes on which Barton Level 3 lesson corresponds to the chapter.
  • Note of any variation from the Barton Level 3 scope and sequence, which is about a half of one percent of the student text.
  • Approximately 3200 words in the student text passages.
Scroll down to see a video of the physical copy of the paperback. 
Keep scrolling down to see part of Chapter 1 with the Kindle preview. 
The Black Silk Path is appropriate to use as a decodable reader with other reading programs that have covered the reading concepts listed below.

Reading concepts by chapter:
  • Chapter 1: Closed syllable (CVC and VC), plus digraphs (ck, sh, ch, wh, th), double l at the end, and blends at the end (CVCC).
  • Chapter 2: Two-letter blends at the beginning of words
  • Chapter 3: Two-letter blends at the beginning and the end of words
  • Chapter 4: Three letter blends and digraph blends
  • Chapter 5: Double f, l, s, or z at the end of a word, -all  
  • Chapter 6:  -ang, -ing, -ong, -ung, -ank, -ink, -onk, -unk
  • Chapter 7:  trigraph tch
  • Chapter 8: Contractions
  • Chapter 9:  -oll, -old, -olt, -ost, -ild, -ind
  • Chapters 10-14:  Review. No new concepts.
Sight words used: These are found in the same sequence as in the Barton Level 3 book.
I, to, was, is, this, do, are, of, the, what, his, has, said, from, they, for, have, goes, Mr., your, want, you, does, were, as, Mrs., some, says, front, who, where, any, one, could, would, been, there, too, many, done, should, again

Here is a link to a Word List of all the words used in the book.

Kindle Preview

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  1. I just bought my first copy today. I know my Barton students are going to love it!
    I already cant wait for the next one in the series. Thank you!


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