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April 2020 Update and a Free Game Preview

I've been hard at work on "The Hunt for R. L. Nox." It is on target for a mid-year 2020 release. I've had a chance to adapt all the games to an online format for remote tutoring. I decided to put all the games into one file with the hope that they will be easier to manage. Copies can still be made with a smaller number of slides as well. I thought I'd go back and put all the   "The Black Silk Path" games in one file as well. The individual files are still available just like they have always been. I did make a few small improvements on a couple games on this new file though. I also want to share a way I found to avoid "resetting the game" after playing with a student. I select the game I want to play on the film strip view in Google Slides. While the thumbnail is still "selected," I go up to "Edit" and then "Duplicate." I use the duplicated slide to play the game. After the game is played and the cards or toke