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A Sunday Afternoon

While the audio isn't the best in this video from The Reading League, it had me captivated for a Sunday afternoon. The couch, a fuzzy blanket, a snuggly dog and learning more about decodable text's place in reading development made it a good afternoon. It is important to practice what you are learning. Decodable text, which matches the level of instruction, helps students with their reading. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of the Barton Reading and Spelling System scope and sequence as it addresses reading and spelling. It has made finding decodable texts at my student's instructional level a little more difficult though. Thankfully there are several stories in each Barton Reading & Spelling System lesson and some stand-alone texts from Bright Solutions. ( )  As a mother of a struggling reader, I still was jealous of the multitude of inaccessible "beginning" reader books at the library. I spent a lot of time lookin