On February 12, 2021 I had the opportunity to talk to Marion of Teach My Kid to Read about the Decodable Adventures trilogy. Here is the interview. Thank you Teach My Kid to Read !     And here it is on YouTube.

Spoiler Alert! Is This Decodable Text a Good Match for Your Student?

Well, not that kind of spoiler. But, seriously. If you consider skipping ahead in book to peek at what happens later in the story a literary crime, then don't read this post. It is full of spoilers for Ed and Mel's Decodable Adventures books. But why? Well, it's because I've experienced that finding the right decodable book can be difficult in more ways than one. I want to help parents, teachers, and tutors make informed decisions about my books to help them use their resources wisely.  If Ed and Mel's Decodable Adventures is not a good fit for your student, I want you to know that before you buy the books.      Photo by Reinhart Julian on Unsplash So, here is what I have already provided to help you know what is in my three books. First, I have listed the scope and sequence used on each book's web page. It is also listed on the Amazon page under "Editorial Reviews: From the Author." Book 1: The Black Silk Path , Book 2: The Hunt for R. L. Nox , Bo

The Path's End is now available in Paperback!

I am so excited to share that the paperback version of The Path's End is now available. You can find it here on Amazon or on other Amazon marketplaces. I hope you enjoy it. I need to go order my copies now.

An Introduction and Reflection -The Path's End Kindle Edition is now available.

I am excited to share The Path's End , the last book in the Ed and Mel's Decodable Adventure series. The Kindle edition is now available on Amazon! The paperback will be available soon. I'm just making a few final adjustments. The Path's End wraps up Ed and Mel's adventure. Will they save the baby dragons and Ebrin? Will they be freed from the communication stealing spell or will they finally be defeated by it? The Path's End has the answers. As I look back on the complete story, I realize how much our journey shows up on the pages of these books. The Black Silk Path embodies our diagnosis and newly named difficulty. Dyslexia was a problem that needed to be overcome. Sometimes it was overwhelming and we had to focus on taking one small step at a time. The Hunt for R. L. Nox embodies our gaining momentum and pursuing our foe, or dyslexia, to stop its negative impact. This process included learning about and developing strengths while working with a supportive

There's Something to Learn Everyday

Everyday there is something to learn. I started reading "Alice's Farm: A Rabbit's Tale" by Maryrose Wood. I learned that a group of wild rabbits is a fluffle, and rabbit babies are called kittens. I've been having fun looking at the fluffle that visits my yard even though I am concerned about how much of my lawn they are nibbling. The crocus this spring will have to hide from the fluffle. Another thing I have recently learned is how to create custom games on This has allowed me to create some online versions of games for The Black Silk Path, such as Go Fish!, that previously could only be played offline. If you use the online games for The Black Silk Path , please return to download the updated games. Directions on how to download the game file and import it into a custom game at have replaced the "No online game available" text. Game links are available on the " Ebook Users " page. I'll leave you to explore