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I've been working on finishing up The Path's End (book 3) so I can forward it to the editor. As I was working on the forward, I referenced the forwards from the first two books. All of a sudden, the word "bookmark" stood out to me. The tiny distraction became a bigger distraction as I decided a bookmark project sounded like a good idea. I did finish up the forward, but I also now have Decodable Adventures themed bookmarks available to download. You can find them here.

Free Reading Passage: Ed's Riddles and Mel's Poems


Barton's Stand-Alone Books

I am honored to have the opportunity to write stories that follow the Barton Reading & Spelling System scope and sequence. Choices can be helpful as we encourage students to practice their reading and to find the kind of books they enjoy. I wanted to share a resource that can help you find which Barton Stand-Alone books will be a good match for your student(s) (for levels 3 and 4.)

This comes from a fellow Barton tutor and parent's blog, "Lindy's Homeschool."
Barton Reading & Spelling Stand-Alone Book Review
I was excited to see a short summary for each of the Stand-Alone stories as well as Lindy's notes.
Thanks Lindy!

The Hunt for R. L. Nox is Here

The Hunt for R. L. Nox for Barton Reading & Spelling Level 4 is now on Amazon for purchase in paperback! I'm so excited to share it! The Kindle version is being processed as I write this blog post. More information such as the look inside feature will be available soon.
If you want to check them out, the Game Appendix and the online game adaptations have been added to the "eBook Users" page. Also, new information is on the The Hunt for R. L. Noxpage.

The Hunt for R. L. Nox reflects part of our family's journey where we began to explore and lean into our strengths while still dealing with the challenges of dyslexia. It was a challenge for us to balance remediation of weaknesses and focus on building strengths.

Author Stephanie Bryant wrote, "The miracle is worth the mess." I agree. I remember the tough days where I felt defeated. I remember clinging to the hope of Bryant's quote. Now, I am in a season where I get to see that miracle unfolding. It didn&…

Decodable Book Resource

I am excited that Decodable Adventures made The Reading League's Decodable Text Sources with Links page!
I am also very excited to have so many decodable book options listed all in one place. What a great resource! Thank you Reading League!
Find The Reading League's Decodable Text Sources with Links page here.