There's Something to Learn Everyday

Everyday there is something to learn. I started reading "Alice's Farm: A Rabbit's Tale" by Maryrose Wood. I learned that a group of wild rabbits is a fluffle, and rabbit babies are called kittens. I've been having fun looking at the fluffle that visits my yard even though I am concerned about how much of my lawn they are nibbling. The crocus this spring will have to hide from the fluffle. Another thing I have recently learned is how to create custom games on This has allowed me to create some online versions of games for The Black Silk Path, such as Go Fish!, that previously could only be played offline. If you use the online games for The Black Silk Path , please return to download the updated games. Directions on how to download the game file and import it into a custom game at have replaced the "No online game available" text. Game links are available on the " Ebook Users " page. I'll leave you to explore

Official Recognition

It is often nice to receive some kind of recognition for our hard work or achievement. A smile or a "Good Job" can go a long way. I've appreciated the feedback on the Ed and Mel's Decodable Adventure books I have received. Thank you for taking the time to say something.  I am getting excited to share the third book in the trilogy. The Path's End brings resolution to the struggles Ed and Mel face. I hope it also brings encouragement to the students who read it. There are only a couple more details to finish and proof copies to double check before The Path's End is published. Through this process, I was reminded that a certificate of achievement can be a great way to celebrate the completion of a task.  So, I took a moment to ignore the dirty dishes in the sink and create certificates of achievement for the books. There are three options for each book, so you can print your favorite.  You'll notice that there is space for two names on the certificate. As &

Free Bookmarks

 I've been working on finishing up The Path's End (book 3) so I can forward it to the editor. As I was working on the forward, I referenced the forwards from the first two books. All of a sudden, the word "bookmark" stood out to me.  The tiny distraction became a bigger distraction as I decided a bookmark project sounded like a good idea. I did finish up the forward, but I also now have Decodable Adventures themed bookmarks available to download. You can find them here .  

Free Reading Passage: Ed's Riddles and Mel's Poems

  Ed’s Riddles and Mel’s Poems The following reading passages are based upon the characters in “The Black Silk Path” by Heather Doolittle which is available through several Amazon Marketplaces. “The Black Silk Path” follows the skill progression of the Level 3 Barton Reading & Spelling System scope and sequence. The following reading passages use all the skills introduced in Barton Reading & Spelling System Level 3. For more information on which skills are used, visit the “The Black Silk Path” page at     PDF Version   Narrator: This reading will help you get to know Ed and Mel a bit better. They are still under the spell of R.L. Nox, so much of what they share is like a riddle. If you have not yet met Ed and Mel, the book “The Black Silk Path” will explain who they are and how they came to be under the spell of R.L. Nox. To catch you up a bit, the spell is an attempt to foil Ed and Mel’s efforts to find their kidnapped parents. T

Barton's Stand-Alone Books

  I am honored to have the opportunity to write stories that follow the Barton Reading & Spelling System scope and sequence. Choices can be helpful as we encourage students to practice their reading and to find the kind of books they enjoy. I wanted to share a resource that can help you find which Barton Stand-Alone books will be a good match for your student(s) (for levels 3 and 4.) This comes from a fellow Barton tutor and parent's blog, "Lindy's Homeschool." Barton Reading & Spelling Stand-Alone Book Review I was excited to see a short summary for each of the Stand-Alone stories as well as Lindy's notes. Thanks Lindy!