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 On February 12, 2021 I had the opportunity to talk to Marion of Teach My Kid to Read about the Decodable Adventures trilogy. Here is the interview. Thank you Teach My Kid to Read !     And here it is on YouTube.

Spoiler Alert! Is This Decodable Text a Good Match for Your Student?

Well, not that kind of spoiler. But, seriously. If you consider skipping ahead in book to peek at what happens later in the story a literary crime, then don't read this post. It is full of spoilers for Ed and Mel's Decodable Adventures books. But why? Well, it's because I've experienced that finding the right decodable book can be difficult in more ways than one. I want to help parents, teachers, and tutors make informed decisions about my books to help them use their resources wisely.  If Ed and Mel's Decodable Adventures is not a good fit for your student, I want you to know that before you buy the books.      Photo by Reinhart Julian on Unsplash So, here is what I have already provided to help you know what is in my three books. First, I have listed the scope and sequence used on each book's web page. It is also listed on the Amazon page under "Editorial Reviews: From the Author." Book 1: The Black Silk Path , Book 2: The Hunt for R. L. Nox , Bo