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Links to Resources and Games Appendices PDF:

The PRINTABLE version links are just below. Keep scrolling down for the ONLINE game adaptation links.
PDF Files:
The pdf file contains all the game cards and game boards needed to play the games in the books. Please see the game directions in the books for any other needed materials.
Printing Note: When printing, use the "Fit" option in Adobe Acrobat Reader to have the best fit for the page. If you print 100% size, it will be a little smaller than the 8.5"x 11" page.

Questions? Email info@decodableadventures.com 

Version for two-sided printing here.

Online Tutors: 

The Kindle Edition can be read with the Kindle App for PC or Mac. The app can be shared through Zoom.

I have adapted many of the games to play online with Google Slides. Please see the links above for a PDF format. Use the links below to access Google slides and Quizlet.

Many of the games may be played online using the Quizlet flashcards with the shuffle feature on and the game board opened in another window.

  • Follow a link to the files on Google Drive. 


  • Go to "File" and click on "Make a copy" to make a usable copy to your Google drive.  You may also download the file.
Quizlet Game Cards:
The Quizlet links for each game are also in the Google Slides file.
Quizlet.com Black Silk Path Folder
Quizlet.com The Hunt For R. L. Nox Folder
Quizlet.com The Path's End Folder

Online dice:
Google "roll dice" for Google's online dice.

Comment below for any programs or tricks you use to play these games online or if you have suggestions for improvements.


  1. I've learned to make a duplicate slide to play my online game. To "clean up" I just delete the slide. The next time I play, I just make a new duplicate slide and everything is in its place to start.


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