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It's Arrived! A New Way to Find Decodable Books

Three things: 1. Thank you, Lexile Find a Decodable Book . Thank you. Thank you. Being able to see a decodable book in this new way will be so helpful to teachers, parents, tutors, and educators. 2. Check out Decodable Adventures through the lens of Lexile Find a Decodable Book chapter by chapter.  The Black Silk Path The Hunt for R. L. Nox The Path's End 3. There is a second new tool on the Lexile Hub. Check out my decodable passages on Lexile Decodable Passages . (Subscribe or sign in to the Lexile Hub.)   I'm am now going to go turn on some happy music and dance a happy dance. Lexile Find a Decodable Book and Lexile Decodable Passages are finally here.