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Companion Book to The Black Silk Path

 It has been a busy year. I've been working on several projects in addition to getting my CERI SLDS (Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist) Certification. I'm excited to share these projects with my readers over the next several months. One of these projects has been a companion book to The Black Silk Path . Over the last year and a half, it has taken several forms. After several notebooks, writing, letting it sit, rewriting, reinventing, writing, rewriting, creating fonts, formatting, and editing, the final form (for now) is off to the editor. Whew! Writing is definitely a process. Learning to read is also a process which can take a lot of practice.  The companion book brings the fictional story into our reality or suspends our reality as we enter Ed and Mel's world. The book is a "used textbook."  This book IS the book that Ed and Mel used to fight the communication stealing spell in The Black Silk Path . Students can hold Ed and Mel's book in their hands