The Hunt for R. L. Nox

The hunt is on! The Ebrinites are depending on Ed and Mel Davis and their friend Jax to stop R. L. Nox as he is destroying their world bit by bit. Ed and Mel must dig deep to find the strength to stop R. L. while they also fight the spell that hinders their ability to communicate. Will they be able to stop R. L. before his greed completely destroys Ebrin? Or will the challenge ahead be more than they can handle? The fate of Ebrin rests in their hands.

The Hunt for R. L. Nox of the Ed and Mel’s Decodable Adventures series continues the adventure found in The Black Silk Path. Each chapter contains a parent or tutor read-passage, a decodable student passage, and a game to play. New reading concepts are added as Ed and Mel add to their reading and communication skills that were lost when R. L. Nox placed them under a spell. The progression of new skills in The Hunt for R. L. Nox follows the scope and sequence of the Barton Reading & Spelling System Level 4.

The Hunt for R. L. Nox provides:

  • 15 shared reading chapters
  • 15 reading games
  • Notes on which concepts are added to each chapter
  • Notes on which Barton level 4 lesson corresponds to the chapter
  • Note of any variation from the Barton Level 4 scope and sequence
  • Approximately 7036 words in the student text passages
The Hunt for R. L. Nox is appropriate to use as a decodable reader with other reading programs that have covered the reading concepts listed below.
  • Barton Reading & Spelling System Level 3 skills:  Closed syllable, digraphs (ck, sh, ch, wh, th), two and three-letter blends, digraph blends, double f, l, s, or z at the end of a word, -all, -ang, -ing, -ong, -ung, -ank, -ink, -onk, -unk, trigraph tch, contractions, -oll, -old, -olt, -ost, -ild, -ind
  • Barton Reading & Spelling System Level 4 skills added chapter by chapter:
    • Chapter 1: Open syllables
    • Chapter 2: Dividing syllables with one consonant between vowels
    • Chapter 3: Dividing syllables with two consonants between vowels
    • Chapter 4: No new reading skills. Reading words with /k/ in the middle.
    • Chapter 5: No new reading skills. Reading words with doubled consonants in the middle.
    • Chapter 6: Reading vowels that turn to schwa in the last syllable.
    • Chapter 7: Dividing syllables with three consonants between vowels, compound words
    • Chapter 8: Dividing syllables with four or more consonants between vowels
    • Chapter 9: Dividing words with 3 syllables.
    • Chapter 10: Reading unaccented open-a as schwa
    • Chapter 11: Reading open i or e with the short sound in the middle syllable (also known as schwa outside of Barton Reading & Spelling System)
    • Chapter 12: Vowel teams ay, ee at the end of a word. Reading y with the long I sound at the end of a word.
    • Chapter 13: Vowel teams ow, oe, ew, ue at the end of a word.
    • Chapter 14: Vowel teams ai, oa, ee in the middle of a word. 
Sight Words: put, how, both, walk, once, none, two, pull, now, know, their, her, these, come, very, sure, mother, brother, only, push, nothing, about, because, father, friend, full, busy, love, our, please, month, change, people, which, through, gone, other, cover, strange, look, listen, right.

Here is a link to a Word List of all the words used in the book. 

Lexile's Find a Decodable Book has more information such as Lexile measure, words sorted by vowel sound, etc.  The Hunt for R. L. Nox.

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  1. I received The Black Silk Path in the mail yesterday and I can already tell that our students are going to love it. Hurry and write more books for the other Barton Levels. :)

    1. Thank you! I have the rough draft of The Hunt for R. L. Nox written. I'm polishing it up and working on the games now. A fun little fact: The villain's name, R. L. Nox, was inspired by the "Rotten Letters" They are noxious at times, aren't they?

    2. Love it! I just put "The Hunt for R.L. Nox" in my Amazon cart.

    3. Thank you! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed sharing the story.

  2. First let me thank you for this series! I have 1 student in particular who went through The Black Silk Path last summer and has begged me get the next book. She LOVED it! and when we started up in the fall I noticed a huge jump in her reading ability.
    When I purchased the 1st book I got a pdf of just the 8x10 games for better copying. Is that available with R. L. Knox? And how do I access it?
    Again thank you so very much.
    Marilyn Fuqua

    1. You are welcome! And thank you for letting me know! Yes, there is a free PDF of the games for easier copying and printing.
      You will see a link for each book's Resources and Games Appendices PDF on the "eBook Users" page.
      Here is the direct link to the PDF for "The Hunt for R. L. Nox" as well.


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