A Sunday Afternoon

While the audio isn't the best in this video from The Reading League, it had me captivated for a Sunday afternoon. The couch, a fuzzy blanket, a snuggly dog and learning more about decodable text's place in reading development made it a good afternoon.

It is important to practice what you are learning. Decodable text, which matches the level of instruction, helps students with their reading.

I appreciate the thoughtfulness of the Barton Reading and Spelling System scope and sequence as it addresses reading and spelling. It has made finding decodable texts at my student's instructional level a little more difficult though. Thankfully there are several stories in each Barton Reading & Spelling System lesson and some stand-alone texts from Bright Solutions. ( https://bartonreading.com/price/#books )  As a mother of a struggling reader, I still was jealous of the multitude of inaccessible "beginning" reader books at the library. I spent a lot of time looking through book after book only to find silent-e words, advanced vowel teams, and vowel-r syllables. We weren't there yet. The Black Silk Path is a book I would have wanted back when my son was in level 3. It was even more difficult to find compatible decodable texts for level 4. (The Hunt for R. L. Nox for level 4 is in the rough draft stage.)

Anyway, it was a good afternoon.  I learned more about reading and became more excited to provide additional decodable text options for those following the Barton Reading & Spelling System scope and sequence. There still won't be a library full of books without silent-e, but this time of decodable text is only a stepping stone to making all text accessible.*

P.S. The discussion on Transfer to Text (transferring new skills from use in isolation to use in text) in the last part of the lecture made me understand more of why the Barton Reading and Spelling System works so well when done with fidelity. As I learn more and more, I continue to gain a deeper respect for the Barton Reading and Spelling System.

 *I also deeply believe in the use of audiobooks, text-to-speech, and accessibility of text through technology. Learning to read is a multifaceted process. Also, learning in other areas shouldn't be restricted while a student is learning to read.


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