April 2020 Update and a Free Game Preview

I've been hard at work on "The Hunt for R. L. Nox." It is on target for a mid-year 2020 release. I've had a chance to adapt all the games to an online format for remote tutoring. I decided to put all the games into one file with the hope that they will be easier to manage. Copies can still be made with a smaller number of slides as well.

I thought I'd go back and put all the  "The Black Silk Path" games in one file as well. The individual files are still available just like they have always been. I did make a few small improvements on a couple games on this new file though.

I also want to share a way I found to avoid "resetting the game" after playing with a student. I select the game I want to play on the film strip view in Google Slides. While the thumbnail is still "selected," I go up to "Edit" and then "Duplicate." I use the duplicated slide to play the game. After the game is played and the cards or tokens are all out of order, I just delete the duplicate slide. Clean up is DONE! I wish I had learned this method earlier.

Now I just need a way to duplicate my kitchen...

Before I leave this post, I'll leave a link to a new game from "The Hunt for R. L. Nox." The rules are included. Here is the PDF version to print. Enjoy!

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  1. I am so confused on how to just download and print the games to use at home. The slides come up but I have to print every one?? lol

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The Google Slides are for online play. There are three links above (I added the third link about an hour later than the other two just in case you saw the page before.) The "PDF version" text links to this link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oFgWtB3FYK-kGfIsf8FfZm3mqjOGZtHF/view?usp=sharing and will take you to a downloadable PDF version to print. I hope that helps!

    3. P.S. The Black Silk Path games printable PDF is on the eBook Users page.


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