It's Arrived! A New Way to Find Decodable Books

Three things:

1. Thank you, Lexile Find a Decodable Book. Thank you. Thank you. Being able to see a decodable book in this new way will be so helpful to teachers, parents, tutors, and educators.

2. Check out Decodable Adventures through the lens of Lexile Find a Decodable Book chapter by chapter. 

The Black Silk Path

The Hunt for R. L. Nox

The Path's End

3. There is a second new tool on the Lexile Hub. Check out my decodable passages on Lexile Decodable Passages. (Subscribe or sign in to the Lexile Hub.)


I'm am now going to go turn on some happy music and dance a happy dance. Lexile Find a Decodable Book and Lexile Decodable Passages are finally here.


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