It's Here! Totally RAD Phonics Level C: Ed and Mel’s Exploration of Fluency and Syntax–A Companion to The Black Silk Path


It took awhile to settle on what I wanted The Black Silk Path companion book to look like. It finally took shape as a "used textbook" that exists within the story The Black Silk Path. In that story, Ed and Mel Davis have to study to regain their language which was stolen by R.L Nox's magic spell. They carry a book to help them study in their backpacks. If you peeked into one of their backpacks, you would see Totally RAD Phonics Level C.

Ed and Mel wrote notes in this used textbook. Some of them are related to their studies. Others are related to their journey in as described in The Black Silk Path. Students can study along with Ed and Mel and read their notes. They can connect the notes to what is happening in The Black Silk Path. Each "Lesson" in Totally RAD Phonics Level C matches up with a chapter in The Black Silk Path. It follows the same scope and sequence as The Black Silk Path which covers closed syllables.

Totally RAD Phonics Level C provides word reading practice with word chains. It provides sentences with increasing complexity and repeated words and phrases. Students can write a sentence under the sentences Ed and Mel wrote. In addition to word level and sentence level practice, a full beginning chapter book is included. The Pest at the Black W Ranch is about an abandoned dog who dreams of becoming a pet and having a spot to call his own.

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Update May 22, 2023  Click Here to read the first two chapters of The Pest at the Black W Ranch.


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