Free Reading Passage: Ed's Story

Ed’s Story
The following reading passages are based upon the characters in “The Black Silk Path” by Heather Doolittle which is available through several Amazon Marketplaces. “The Black Silk Path” follows the skill progression of the Level 3 Barton Reading & Spelling System scope and sequence. The following reading passages use all the skills introduced in Barton Reading & Spelling System Level 3. For more information on which skills are used, visit the “The Black Silk Path” page at

This reading will help you get to know Ed and Mel a bit better. They are still under the spell of R.L. Nox, so much of what they share is like a riddle. If you have not yet met Ed and Mel, the book “The Black Silk Path” will explain who they are and how they came to be under the spell of R.L. Nox. To catch you up a bit, the spell is an attempt to foil Ed and Mel’s efforts to find their kidnapped parents. The spell stole their ability to speak, read, and spell words. They have found they can learn to read again. Reading is giving them back their words to speak. Ed and Mel don’t let their loss of words stop them. They work with what they have. Here Ed shares a story.

The word “be” is used as a sight word.
Some words have a plural s at the end.

© 2020 Heather Doolittle All Rights Reserved

Student text:

     I’m Ed. When I was ten, I was on a ranch with some kids. I got a big box. I got a bunch of small ones too. The kids from the ranch and I did fix up the big box. It was a grand hut.
In the hut, the kids and I did think of grand things to be:
  • A cop to get a bad man
  • A vet to help sick fluff balls – I was not fond of this one.
  • One who sings to a mass of kids. (A pack of kids? A flock of kids? A lot of kids?)
  • One who does dig a pond and does plant grass, a shrub, a flax plant and a mum plant.
  • The boss of a big ship.
It was a lot of fun for us to think this kind of stuff. 

     Then there was a big frost. It was cold.  When the kids and I got to the hut, there was a track to the box. It was not a track of a kid. It was a track of a thing that could munch us. 

     One pal did grin and said a buck would not munch us. The buck was in the box. The buck was cold and the box hut did help stop the wind. 

     The kids and I did watch the buck. It got up, got a drink from the pond, and went up the hill. 

     The hut was a mess from the frost and the buck. The kids and I did toss the box in the trash. All kids could have fun with a box. Have you had fun with a box?


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