A Little Inspiration

Today, I was able to listen to a short discussion with William Dodson: 5 Ways to Engage a Student with ADHD on the Smart but Struggling Student Series by Bright &Quirky.

Dr. Dodson mentioned a technique of interjecting interest into a low-interest or boring activity. That interjected interest may light a fire to turn a "can't get started" into a "can't be stopped."

I am reminded that growing up I had to vacuum the avocado green shag carpet.  Imagining that I was harvesting fields of crops with farming equipment instead of vacuuming a green carpet made the chore so much more bearable.  Imagination often helped me with a chore.

I hope that Ed and Mel's predicament in The Black Silk Path and following books may be borrowed by some students.  They can relate some already to the characters' difficulty with words.  Maybe they can imagine themselves on a quest to rescue the lost and learning the short vowel sounds will help. Maybe the fight against evil includes knowing the blends. Maybe a daydream can make the chore a little more interesting.

Each student is different.  What inspires your student?


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