Official Recognition

It is often nice to receive some kind of recognition for our hard work or achievement. A smile or a "Good Job" can go a long way. I've appreciated the feedback on the Ed and Mel's Decodable Adventure books I have received. Thank you for taking the time to say something. 

I am getting excited to share the third book in the trilogy. The Path's End brings resolution to the struggles Ed and Mel face. I hope it also brings encouragement to the students who read it. There are only a couple more details to finish and proof copies to double check before The Path's End is published. Through this process, I was reminded that a certificate of achievement can be a great way to celebrate the completion of a task. 

So, I took a moment to ignore the dirty dishes in the sink and create certificates of achievement for the books. There are three options for each book, so you can print your favorite. 

You'll notice that there is space for two names on the certificate. As "A book to be read together," I want to recognize the value of community in our growth and achievements. Both the student and the parent or tutor earn a spot on this certificate. Community is important. I would have never had the skills or insight to pull this project together without the many investments others have made in me. Even as I worked on this project, I've had people encourage me and help correct my mistakes. Thank you to the many people in my life, past and present. You may not even know that your investment in me helped create this project, but I wouldn't have been able to do it without you.

Here is the link to the certificates.

A link is also posted on the "Free Stuff" page.


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