There's Something to Learn Everyday

Everyday there is something to learn. I started reading "Alice's Farm: A Rabbit's Tale" by Maryrose Wood. I learned that a group of wild rabbits is a fluffle, and rabbit babies are called kittens. I've been having fun looking at the fluffle that visits my yard even though I am concerned about how much of my lawn they are nibbling. The crocus this spring will have to hide from the fluffle.

Another thing I have recently learned is how to create custom games on This has allowed me to create some online versions of games for The Black Silk Path, such as Go Fish!, that previously could only be played offline. If you use the online games for The Black Silk Path, please return to download the updated games. Directions on how to download the game file and import it into a custom game at have replaced the "No online game available" text.

Game links are available on the "Ebook Users" page.

I'll leave you to explore the new game versions. I'm going to go check to see if the fluffle is in my yard.


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