Free Reading Passage: Ed and Mel's Favorite Colors and Foods

Ed and Mel’s Favorite Colors and Foods
The following reading passages are based upon the characters in “The Black Silk Path” by Heather Doolittle which is available through several Amazon Marketplaces. “The Black Silk Path” follows the skill progression of the Level 3 Barton Reading & Spelling System scope and sequence. The following reading passages use all the skills introduced in Barton Reading & Spelling System Level 3. For more information on which skills are used, visit the “The Black Silk Path” page at


This reading will help you get to know Ed and Mel a bit better. They are still under the spell of R.L. Nox, so much of what they share is like a riddle. If you have not yet met Ed and Mel, the book “The Black Silk Path” will explain who they are and how they came to be under the spell of R.L. Nox. To catch you up a bit, the spell is an attempt to foil Ed and Mel’s efforts to find their kidnapped parents. The spell stole their ability to speak, read, and spell words. They have found they can learn to read again. Reading is giving them back their words to speak. Ed and Mel don’t let their loss of words stop them. They work with what they have.
See if you can guess Ed and Mel’s favorite colors and foods.

Note: The word “be” is used out of sequence from Barton Reading & Spelling System Level 3. The abbreviations U. S., for the United States, and BBQ, for Bar-be-que, are also used.

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Student text:

Ed: From a list of red, pink, and black, I am not fond of red. And, I am not fond of pink. I am not fond of black. The one I am fond of is a thing I can’t tell you yet. Grass will be this tint. A plant will be this tint. A dog is not this tint, but U. S. cash is. What is it?

Mel: I have said red, pink, and black too. I am not fond of red, pink, and black. If you are at a dock with a ship, the ship does sit on a thing that can be this tint. When you are sad, you can call it this. If you bump your leg it can get black and ____. What is it?

Ed: One thing I munch is the best thing to munch. It is from an old chick that does cluck, cluck, cluck. If I get this at a shop, I will get 4 to 6 of them. I do dip them in a small cup of BBQ. What you call a small chunk of gold will help you get it. What is it?

Mel: The best thing to munch is stiff when it is on the shelf in a bag. It can be in a box too. It will flop when it is hot and wet in a pot. I top it with red stuff. When I top it with zest, it is not bland. One kind you can call “mac.” It can be a shell too. The long kind that I can roll up to munch is the best. What is it?

Ed’s favorite color: Green
Mel’s favorite color: Blue
Ed’s favorite food: Chicken nuggets
Mel’s favorite food: pasta/noodles/spaghetti


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