R. L. Nox

The name of the villain in Ed and Mel's Adventures Book Series came easily enough to me.

R's and L's can often create a problem with reading and spelling. They sometimes affect how a word is divided into syllables. Students can have trouble with R's and L's as they add them or delete them from words. R's can control vowels that are in front of them creating a whole new syllable type. L's are involved in the consonant-LE syllables. It is often difficult, if not impossible, to hear the difference between a vowel-L ending a word and a consonant-LE ending a word.
In fact, R's and L's can be downright obnoxious at times. Yes, Noxious.

R's + L's + Noxious = The Villain, R. L. Nox

Definition (links to Merriam-Webster):

Heather Doolittle


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