Free Reading Passage: Ed and Mel’s Favorite Sports and Places

Ed and Mel’s Favorite Sports and Places
The following reading passages are based upon the characters in “The Black Silk Path” by Heather Doolittle which is available through several Amazon Marketplaces. “The Black Silk Path” follows the skill progression of the Level 3 Barton Reading & Spelling System scope and sequence. The following reading passages use all the skills introduced in Barton Reading & Spelling System Level 3. For more information on which skills are used, visit the “The Black Silk Path” page at


This reading will help you get to know Ed and Mel a bit better. They are still under the spell of R.L. Nox, so much of what they share is like a riddle. If you have not yet met Ed and Mel, the book “The Black Silk Path” will explain who they are and how they came to be under the spell of R.L. Nox. To catch you up a bit, the spell is an attempt to foil Ed and Mel’s efforts to find their kidnapped parents. The spell stole their ability to speak, read, and spell words. They have found they can learn to read again. Reading is giving them back their words to speak. Ed and Mel don’t let their loss of words stop them. They work with what they have.
See if you can guess Ed and Mel’s favorite sports and learn about their favorite places.

Notes: The following passages ask the student to search Mount Rushmore, Nemrut sunset, and Jog Falls on the web. Please supervise the students for any web search.
The word “guess” is used as a sight word.
The abbreviations U. S. or U.S.A. are used for United States.
Some words have a plural s at the end.
The abbreviation for meters (m) is used.

© 2020 Heather Doolittle All Rights Reserved

Student text:
Ed: At the end of your leg there is a thing you stand on. Add that to “ball” and it does tell the thing I am fond to watch and do. A fan in the U.S.A. will not call it what I call it. The ball has black spots. I have to run and run. I kick the ball to the pal on the left.  The pal does kick it to the net at the end of the grass lot. The ball goes in the net and it is a win.

Mel:  I am glad to tell you that I do swim. You do not have to guess. It is fun to swim fast. I blast past one kid and push to catch the next. I can bob and splash in the wet stuff to have fun. 

Ed: I watch for big things men did etch in rock. They are grand. The Black Hills does have a big one. Camp at this big rock for some fun. To find it on the web, press an M, then an O, a U, a N and a T. Set a gap and then add R,U,S,H, and then a M, an O, one R, and an E. (MOUNT RUSHMORE) Find the pic with the men in rock. The men that are in that rock did help the U.S.
One spot that is grand you can spell if you spell “Nem” and then add “rut.” It is the big hill (Mt.) of gods. A man did etch the rocks that sit at the hill. The hill is on top of an old, old king. When the sun does come up it is grand. Find this one on the web. Press N, e, m, then r, u, t, get a gap, and add s, u, n, and s, e, t. (Nemrut sunset)

Mel:  There is a spot in a land that I am fond of. Call it Jog Falls. Find it on a map on the web or net. At Jog Falls, the wet stuff does fall 253 m. I think it is a swell spot. There are a lot of plants and rocks. It is grand. A bus did get us there. I do watch the wet stuff fall. Then I get in a raft for a fun trip on the calm wet stuff. I am glad to tell you of it. Do you think it is swell?

Ed’s favorite sport: Football/American Soccer 
Mel’s favorite sport: Swimming
Ed’s favorite place: Ed likes places that have faces carved into rock. There are many places around the world that have faces carved into rock. Two of Ed’s favorite are Mount Rushmore in South Dekota and Mount Nemrut in Turkey.
Mel’s favorite place: Mel’s favorite place is Jog Falls in India. It is one of the highest waterfalls in India. It is about 5 times the height of Niagara Falls.


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